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Hundred Kisses, Brain Splitter, Leaping Stone

Fivefold Flurry, Mighty Bend, Fracture Dart

Wadjet is a spitfire Pawn who will gladly jump into the fray. Shrewd and ruthless, Wadjet won't pick a fight (say, with a giant in chains) but she will surely finish them. Extremely knowledgeable of both quests and beasts, and deploys both bow and dagger skills masterfully. She'll get those pesky ranged attackers out of your way before coming in for the kill of that boss on your hit list. Either way, you'll want her by your side whether it's to get your heart back or to save lost souls.

(But seriously I'm here to have fun and teach my Pawn how to dominate the battlefield. Slowly adding BBI gear. Add me as a friend and I'll gladly hang with your Pawn, too!)